Our company operates in a wide array of scientific fields, providing product and expertise where necessary. Our operations cover industrial environment safety, soil and water testing, petroleum testing tools and laboratories, and expand into forensics and scientific laboratory equipment setup; particularly biochemical analyses apparatus.

Product Lines

Water Testing Instruments and Reagents:

For the purposes of parties ranging from small firms and residential buildings to government agencies and national water reserves, Rasd Scientific supplies water testing tools and necessary accopanying reagents in powder, tablet or liquid form. Products for all testing methods are available for clients to choose from depending on their desired testing accuracy and available funds.


Water Quality Meter, Portable Water-Metal Detector

Soil Sampling and Testing:

Examination of the soil is closely intertwined with the petroleum and construction industries. We provide the tools to reach the appropriate depths for proper sampling. The instruments Rasd Scientific provides are utilized to acquire samples and test them for various soil properties such as soil resistance, soil moisture content measurement, and even underground water levels. Ultimately, we are prepared to make available all soil testing means required by customers for their own purposes of to run tests legally required in many cases and operational fields.

Moisture Testing Kit

Soil Sample Extruder

Chemical Analysis:

Chemicals are supplied by our company in sample quantities as well as sufficient usage quantities. These are specific chemicals not casually available and are supplied upon request for specialized institutions. Rasd Scientific additionally provides analysis instruments for clients looking to test certain chemicals prevalence in water, soil, or any other materials our customers seek to analyze. Certified Reference Materials

Certified Reference Materials

Radiation Treatment and Residue Analysis:

Rasd Scientific supplies the technology used in radiation treatment of chemicals and materials. Our clients perform these processes of treatment to provoke certain chemical reactions and for other purposes of testing and detection of particles. Our company then provides customers with the means to probe for radioactive and/or chemical residue, for the safety of the process itself and its resultant outcomes.

Forensics Laboratories:

IntegenX®'s RapidHit System

Electrophoresis Devices, Portable Electronic Forensics Kit

Petroleum Testing Tools and Analysis Laboratories

Rasd Scientific offers devices and products that go into multiple areas of petroleum properties inspection and analysis. Our previously visited Certified Reference Materials are one example, utilized by drilling companies for quality testing, in addition to environment probing instruments which measure ambient noise, gas and vibration levels in fields. Tests are run both for legal compliance, staff safety and for practical reasons.

Sound Meter, Mercury Vapor Indicator, Vibration Monitor

Academic Research Labrotaries

Our company is able to provide the advanced laboratory instruments necessary for educational purposes in universities and academic research facilities.

Spectrometer, Vacuum Concentrator, Photometer, Laboratory Apparatus: Colony Counters

Pipettors, Laboratory Sample Shakers, Industrial Scales

Veterinary Laboratories

Animal medical laboratory equipment is offered by our company for practitioners, including blood analysis and transfusion devices, biochemical analyzers, along with pipettes and other animal pharmaceutical and laboratory necessities.


Rasd Scientific's laboratory preparation products go into agricultural research laboratories in which plant and animal samples are examined. Research aids agricultural production when microorganisms are detected and identified in the case of plant and animal disease, for example. As well as testing water supply sources for animals and the soil properties of farms.

Research Centers

Our company also provides research centers dedicated to particular fields with laboratory apparatus and equipment. Veterinary, agricultural and academic research centers laboratories preparations differ according to research domain, consequently , the aforementioned categorization is necessary.

Radiation Safety and Hazardous Materials Detection

For the detection of dangerous material residue, whether radioactive, biological or chemical, Rasd Scientific provides accurate measurement tools, to ensure that these materials are not prevalent in health-jeopardizing quantities. These products we offer contribute to previously emphasized legal compliance, aside from preserving the safety and health of employees and fields workers.

Noise level monitor, Air Quality Monitor, Weather Monitoring Station


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